Refreshing airflow versions in Astronomer

After fresh installation of Astronomer it doesn’t know about new airflow versions. It looks like after some time it get those information form somewhere.

Is there a way we can trigger this refresh?

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For anyone wanted to sort it out quicker. Its being refreshed by houston-update-airflow-check kubernetes scheduler. So you can temporarily switch it to run more frequently and revert it back to default(midnight) once it’ll update astronomer.

Hi @Marek ! Delayed response here, but wanted to add a few notes here for other folks who may be following.

Context on Airflow Versions in Enterprise

Starting with Astronomer Enterprise v0.23, new versions of Astronomer Certified are automatically pulled into the Astronomer UI and CLI within 24 hours of their publication via a cron job that pulls from Astronomer’s update service. In other words, you don’t have to upgrade Astronomer in order to upgrade Airflow.

Force Trigger Cron Job to Pull Latest Airflow Versions

If you don’t want to wait for new versions of Astronomer Certified to appear on their own, you can manually trigger the cron job with the following Kubernetes command:

kubectl create job --namespace astronomer --from=cronjob/astronomer-houston-update-airflow-check airflow-update-check-first-run

If you get a message indicating that a job already exists, delete the job and rerun the command.

@Marek Can you confirm you had success with this on your end?