Can I run Airflow 1.10.x on Astronomer Cloud?

We’re excited about Airflow 1.10, and we have it slated to go live in Astronomer v0.9 (check out our roadmap).

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2019 update: Airflow 1.10 will soon be the default on our platform, but our most recent release, Astronomer v0.7, does have experimental support for Airflow 1.10 that users are more than welcome to explore.

Instructions here: How do I run Airflow 1.10 on Astronomer v0.7?

When will 1.10.2 be available for astronomer cloud? We really need the reschedule implementation in our deployment

Hi @johnlim! We’ve done a terrible job of communicating this, but we actually have support through Airflow v1.10.5. Here are the docker images you can use in your Dockerfile for each:

Airflow v1.10.1 - FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:0.7.5-1.10.1-onbuild
Airflow v1.10.2 - FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:0.8.2-1.10.2-onbuild
Airflow v1.10.3 - FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:0.9.2-1.10.3-onbuild
Airflow v1.10.4 - FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:0.10.0-1.10.4-onbuild 
Airflow v1.10.5 - FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:0.10.2-1.10.5-onbuild

Note: We’ve seen the migration to v1.10.5 take a little longer than the others, as there are more changes to the backend DB. If you run into any issues when doing so, feel free to reach out to us via our Support Portal.

Thanks @paola! Exactly what I was looking for, I’ll let you know if we have any issues.

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