Schedule dag to run biweekly

I use v2.0.1.
Currently I run my dag every week on Monday using cron expression 0 0 * * MON.
Is there any way to schedule this dag to run every 2 weeks on Monday instead of every week?

I don’t think there’s a direct cron expression for every two weeks, however you can roughly mimic every two weeks by running on certain days of the month. See this StackOverflow explanation: how to create a cron expression for every 2 weeks - Stack Overflow

Hi there @tom ! Airflow 2.2 just came out this month and includes the concept of Custom Timetables, which allows you to set custom DAG schedules that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to with a cron expression. This should include your example of running bi-weekly!

To take advantage of this feature,

  • Upgrade to Airflow 2.2.0 (2.2.1 is coming soon, too with some additional bug fixes)
  • Think about creating a custom timetable, which you can use as a plugin

Check out Astronomer’s Guide on Scheduling & Timetables for more info. If you’re an Astronomer customer, don’t hesitate to reach out.