Scheduler Not Running as *I* expect

I’m currently running Airflow version v2.1.0. I’m really still strugging to figure out how the scheduler works. I have a DAG setup, with the below config:

with DAG(
    schedule_interval="0 14 * * 1,3,5",
    tags=['Prod', 'MyTest'],
) as dag:

I’m expecting the DAG to run each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:00 UTC. What am I doing incorrecly?

Tree view of the DAG.

The last run was for 2021-09-27 at 12:00. This run is because my old expression was setup to run daily at 12:00. With the new schedule, I’m was expecting another job to have kicked off by now, for 2021-09-27 at 14:00.

Thank you for your help!

So now I’m even more confused. This DAG has never fired again, the last run is the one shown in the above picture.

DAGs that are scheduled for everyday, run just fine.