Setting the airflow timezone

Is there a way to configure the timezone on my deployment?

Hi @johnlim - unfortunately this isn’t possible with our initial support of 1.10.1 - it will be addressed in a future release!

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Quick update, @johnlim: If you’re running Airflow 1.10.1, you can now configure your Airflow deployment to be timezone aware. Airflow PR for the feature in 1.10 here.

A. Deployment-Wide
To set 1 single time zone across your DAGs/tasks for a single deployment, you can configure your airflow.cfg.

  1. In your Dockerfile, insert the following Environment Variable AIRFLOW__CORE__DEFAULT_TIMEZONE

Set it to the IANA time zone of your choice. For US Pacific Time, for example:


B. DAG Specific

To set 1 single time zone for a single DAG or set of tasks, you’ll have to make sure your start_date object of your DAG has the right timezone set.

Important Note: Currently, the Airflow Web UI is NOT timezone aware.

While your tasks/DAGs might run according to your specified time zone, execution times will be translated back to UTC in the Airflow UI. If you can get by without setting a time zone for your DAGs/tasks, we might recommend sticking to UTC across the board for consistency until the UI supports it.

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Just checking … any updates on this issue? Would be really nice to get the local time in the web ui. :slight_smile:

Quick Update that Airflow 1.10.10 (released April 9 2020) now supports the ability to change the timezone in which times are displayed in the Airflow UI (otherwise UTC by default).

Note : This feature is only available for the RBAC UI, which is turned on my default on Astronomer. If you’re not on Astronomer, you can enable this by setting rbac=True in [webserver] section in your airflow.cfg.

For more information, refer to Airfow’s docs on setting Timezone here:

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hi @paola, in the airflow 1.10.X I can enable the RBAC feature in the airflow.cfg and then I can see that the timezone can be selected in the UI. However after setting the timezone to Europe/Berlin (or something else) as default, I see that I can select Berlin timezone but it is not the default timezone when I open the webserver UI for the first time. Meaning I need to select the Berlin timezone anyway after setting it into the airflow.cfg. What I want is that all users using the webserver UI see the default timezone as Berlin without having to select it from the dropdown box. Is there something I can do about this ? Thanks for your reply. Best.