Support for SQL Server in Cosmos

Hi @ all,
SQL Server is not supported out of the box in cosmos right? E.g. there is no entry and code for SQL-Server for the cosmos profiles under
Is there a roadmap when SQL-Server will be supported? Is it just the missing profiling scripts or is it more (e.g. Extending DbtTaskGroup for SQL-Server specifica, etc.)
Thanks Chris

Hi @lrcuwic ,

Yes, you can!

As of Cosmos 1.x, you can use Cosmos and SQL Server by using your own profiles.yml file. Sample code:

profile_config = ProfileConfig(

dag = DbtDag(

The argument profile_config can also be used with Cosmos’ DbtTaskGroup. Find out more information about this approach in our docs:

Regarding the ability to convert from an Airflow connection into a dbt profile automatically (Cosmos ProfileMapping concept), this is not available yet for SQL Server.

There is an open ticket to implement a ProfileMapping class for SQL Server in Cosmos Github:

Any contributions are very welcome!

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