Airflow with oracle back end

I am trying to configure airflow with oracle as the meta data detabase. On the Airflow Documentation, it is mentioned that any SQLalchemy database will be supported. But I can hardly find any materials online that supports Airflow with oracle back end. Has anybody faced a similar issue?

Hi @Smruthi! Astronomer uses Postgres for Airflow’s Metadatabase and as a product we do not support Oracle, MySQL or others. If you have specific questions or issues you’re free to post on here and let the community help out, but our team unfortunately won’t be able to assist in depth.

The requirements to run Astronomer Certified (AC), our open-source distribution of Apache Airflow, are listed here (for AC 1.10.10): If you’re interested in a managed service, you’re free to start a trial on Astronomer Cloud - we take care of the DB for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to refer to a related recent post: Airflow with Oracle backend - DAGs not running