There is no button "Trigger DAG w/ config"


After updating on ver 2.7.0 we have lost “Trigger DAG w/ config” button on UI. What configuration is responsible for this?

Had same issue; you need to tweak an env var (e.g. in your Dockerfile)

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thanks a lot! It works! :muscle:

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Additionally note - this is only for DAGs without any Params. If you have defined params, the “w/ Config” option will be there. There is discussion amongst the Airflow OSS maintainers about this behavior, so this may be reverted in a future version - though I am not sure

Edit: I realized it’s a click, not just a hover :man_facepalming:

It seems the behavior has just changed to have a click automatically always forward to the dag run configuration page if params are present, or immediately run the dag if params are not present. It works just fine for me.

This’ll be for upstream, but it seems unintuitive having no indication of whether the trigger (play) button will immediately trigger a dag, or take you to an additional screen. Perhaps a different icon (play + small gear) when params are present would indicate this better.

I’ll see if I can find that discussion you mentioned. :slight_smile:

Original message:

It would appear that even with params, the “Trigger DAG w/ config” button is not showing.

Here is a quick example adding a param to example_dag_basic. You can see the param listed at the bottom, and the button hovered at the top right. Unless I’m completely missing something (quite possible). Is param’s existence all that is needed to show the button?

Astronomer Runtime 9.1.0 based on Airflow 2.7.1+astro.1