Using ALB for ingress

Hey guys,

I’m trying to get Astronomer up and running in EKS. When I try to use the default nginx ingress controller, I get a pending state for my external IP. While I try and sort that out, I would like to just use ALB for our ingress since I know that works in my cluster.

But I’m a bit confused as to what services I should be pointing to. If I point to the astronomer-astro-ui service then I get the web page to open but I get spinning dots waiting for the login page.

When I look at the Nginx ingress LB I see the following.
astronomer-nginx LoadBalancer 80:32508/TCP,443:30265/TCP,10254:30469/TCP 4d20h
astronomer-nginx-default-backend ClusterIP 8080/TCP

but I’m unclear as to what back end services those ports are pointing to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.