What is the available connection type (conn type) for Redshift and Marketo?

I am using Marketo API to Redshift to get Marketo data into Redshift. As per the Astronomers guide, it requires to create 3 type connections (S3, Redshift, Marketo) from Astronomers UI.

When creating these 3 connections, I found type connection for S3 in conn type field but I did not find conn type for Redshift and Marketo.

Can anyone from community guide me on this issue?


Hey @9002arsal!

Redshift is based on Postgres so you can select the Postgres type (or leave blank; it won’t affect the available fields) and submit queries using the PostgresHook - https://github.com/apache/incubator-airflow/blob/master/airflow/hooks/postgres_hook.py

For Marketo, no conn type is required (can leave it blank). You can find instructions on where to put your credentials here: https://github.com/airflow-plugins/marketo_plugin/blob/master/hooks/marketo_hook.py