Why the the UI and Ux is so much essential for start up?

UX and UI has become so much important for any start up in now days.

There are so much to do with these two matrices. So, how can we achieve that goal in these techie era?

I want to share some my learnings and i would like some experts here to know what i am wrong doing and correct me and share some there best tricks and list.

So, in that way we all will be both benefiting.

In UX i i care about,
1 - color scheme
2 - images and layout
3 - structure

On the other site if we talk about UX
There are many metrics as well
1 - In which I care about site speed
2 - I make all the links clickable
3 - I make sure the ads are on right spot.

These are the things i really care about.

However, you can check my work here which i have done for one of my client’s tennis tutor vs lobster machine site. that was tough for me but i have tried my best.

You should visit it and let me know. How was that?

Let me know in the comments box and share your ideas how do you optimise UX and UI