As an Enterprise admin, how do I add myself to a workspace?

We are adding more access for permissions for admin accounts, but before then, this can be done through postgres queries:

  1. Get the uuid of the user, workspace, and role id that you need:
SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '';
SELECT * FROM public.workspaces WHERE label = 'WORKSPACE_LABEL;
SELECT * FROM public.groups WHERE entity_uuid = WORKSPACE_UUID;

In each case, you need the UUID (userid, workspaceid, and roleid).

INSERT INTO public.user_workspace_map VALUES ('5387ebb7-01e9-480e-bca7-721036bb17af', 'b5546ea2-dd41-41d6-bf74-af9c5ea2fc3d', NULL, NULL); --userid, workspaceid

INSERT INTO public.user_group_map VALUES ('5387ebb7-01e9-480e-bca7-721036bb17af', 'ce4184f0-6f66-40c2-b1ba-700a4499491d', NULL, NULL); -- userid, roleid

These changes can also be made through GraphQL