Astro CLI Error: `ap-airflow:2.2.2-buster-onbuild not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown`

When I run the command

astro dev strart

in powershell, win 10, I get the following feedback

Env file ".env" found. Loading...
Sending build context to Docker daemon  10.24kB
Step 1/1 : FROM
manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
Error: command 'docker build -t astro-dev_0ff94d/airflow:latest failed: failed to execute cmd: exit status 1

I am just starting out and do not event know how to proceed

Hi @bnlambert ! Welcome - love that you’re getting started with Astronomer. That said, thank you for reaching out and so sorry you’re running into this. The issue you’re seeing is a symptom of a recent bug on our side where we moved from Debian Buster images to Debian Bullseye images, but the Astronomer CLI is still appending buster to all images. In other words, 2.2.2-buster-onbuild actually does not exist.

Can you try replacing FROM in your Dockerfile with any of the below:

  • FROM
  • FROM

I’d recommend 2.2.2 (Airflow 2.2.2 changelog here), but if you have an issue with any libraries and Bullseye, try 2.1.1. Wouldn’t expect you to have an issue unless you’re pulling very old versions of OS-level packages.

Give it a shot and let me know if you have an issue? A PR to fix this was just merged this morning and will be available in a new version of the CLI shortly.

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