Can we run an arbitrary airflow docker image?

I know the answer to this strictly speaking is “no”.

But I am wondering, if we want to run our own image, e.g. using an internal fork of airflow, or with dependencies that aren’t as simple as adding to packages.txt, what does astronomer need in order for the image to work?

Does there exist anything along the lines of “as long as you are running 1.10.3 and you have X Y Z submodules and you have X and Y dependency and X and Y structure with X entrypoint script, you will be ok”?

Hi @dstandish! Apologies for the delay here. The short answer as you mentioned is in fact: “No - running an arbitrary Airflow docker image on Astronomer is unsupported.”

With that said, the only thing we need from a platform perspective technically speaking is our fab security manager. Everything else is handled by our platform config.

You can copy the following line from our image (source code here):

&& pip3 install --no-cache-dir "" \

Note: You’re free experiment as you wish with the caveat that we will NOT be able to help troubleshoot or support issues that come up from using it.