Deployment not updating after image push

We are using astronomer on prem v0.29.4, recent update.
We pushed an image of our deployment today with our usual ci/cd process. It seem to have worked properly:

But, our DAGs are not being updated and the UI is still showing our old tag (version deployed on octobre 20)

I also tried deploying manually with the Airflow CLI:

It seems to be working but still the deployment does not get updated.

Is there a way to force a refresh of the deployments pod ?
Or is there another way to fix this ?

Having the same issue here

We finally got this fixed after filing a support ticket.
The issue was that our old deployments were still using an old version of helm charts (Airflow-1.0.9) which was not compatible with our newly updated Kubernetes.

We had to update our helm charts manually by following Astronomer’s procedure.