Astronomer Cloud : Successful image push, code not updated

Is there anyway to know that the deployment was successful once the image is pushed to the docker registry on Astronomer Cloud? Or is there a way to know which image is being used in a deployment?

The issue I see often is the image push is successful, but the code is not updated.

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Hi @shwetha! On Astronomer Cloud, there is currently no way for you see if a deployment has been successful other than non-error output upon pushing up an astro airflow deploy in the CLI or via a CI/CD push. With that said, a “log of deploys” at the deployment level is definitely something we’ve thought about.

Feel free to track feature request here.

As for the behavior you were experiencing yesterday - that is unfortunately related to a platform-wide issue that’s causing temporary disruption to recent code changes pushed to Astronomer Cloud. We’ve sent an incident notice to all users and will keep you updated on the latest.

I am experiencing this same issue. The image push is successful but the code isn’t updated. I tried removing the dag and adding it back in but I wasn’t able to successfully delete the dag after removing the dag file and trying to delete the dag in the UI for about 30 minutes

Hi @johnlim! We ended up getting back to you in a support request, but for anyone else experiencing this issue I’d encourage you to reference “The Airflow UI isn't updating after I deploy”.

We had one platform-wide incident 2 weeks ago that would’ve caused this behavior but that was thankfully temporary - typically, the Astro UI not updating is indicative of an underpowered Webserver (the Airflow component responsible for rendering the Airflow UI).

i have the same issue today.
pushing to is successful but i have no DAGs im UI , although locally they work fine.
trying the astri cli astro deploy UUID (after picking the correct ID from the provided list) yield
Error: Invalid deployment selection
BTW - i have increased the AU on my webserver as suggested , didn’t help
the UI is lacking information of what is currently deployed , what image label.
the CLI saying invalid deployment is weird

i don’t understand how to deploy me image - please help