Unable to push image to registry (Bug with Workspace Service Accounts - RESOLVED)

The following command is failing and we are unable to deploy a critical patch. Please advice.
We have not changed our deployment steps and it has started occurring just now.

docker push registry.gcp0001.us-east4.astronomer.io/traditional-protostar-8810/airflow:ci-$TAG

The push refers to a repository [registry.gcp0001.us-east4.astronomer.io/traditional-protostar-8810/airflow]

77062651: Preparing
326f7c73: Preparing
1c34af00: Preparing
bafb8878: Preparing
53c300f5: Preparing
43a248dd: Preparing
0d913f9f: Preparing
cf5420b1: Preparing
2bc750c8: Preparing
98a16801: Preparing
3f0c68a5: Preparing
f72b3e12: Preparing
515aacf3: Preparing
6ec7713a: Preparing
dad89724: Preparing
0516c013: Preparing
681cc8da: Preparing
63221cf0: Preparing
fe1ca666: Preparing
cbe27be3: Preparing
4dab661e: Preparing
c87056f0: Preparing
f849bc32: Preparing
deb4127d: Preparing
received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error

Hi @ven-govindarajan ! Thank you for reaching out, and I’m sorry to hear you were having trouble with your CI process that pushes code to Astronomer.

Last Friday, we were made aware of a bug whereby Workspace Service Accounts lost access to Astronomer, thus making you unable to take any Workspace level action. This bug has since been resolved in Astronomer 0.23.4 (released today) and should no longer persist.

I just touched base with our Customer Support team and it sounds like they gave you this same information and you were able to push code with a Deployment Service Account instead.

I’m sorry again about the inconvenience but glad you are all sorted out now :slightly_smiling_face: Happy to be working with your team!

Yes, Thank you Paola! The support team explained to me the issue and glad it was resolved.