Deprecated brew formula warning

I use Homebrew to install a particular version from the astro CLI. I’m now seeing this warning from brew doctor:

Warning: Calling bottle :unneeded is deprecated! There is no replacement.
Please report this issue to the astronomer/tap tap (not Homebrew/brew or Homebrew/core):

Is this a known issue?

Hey @sfeinstein-goodrx - thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear you’re running into this.

To confirm, are you trying to install Astro CLI v0.23.2? If not, what version?

Hi @paola and thanks for the reply! Yes but I suspect this warning will come up for other version. To be clear; I’ve been using astro for a while and this warning is something new (maybe related to homebrew being more explicit with warnings, or a new deprecation or something? not sure). They suggest reaching out to the maintainers to let them know so that is what I’m trying to do. My brew’d install of astro v0.23.2 is working fine still.

Got it @sfeinstein-goodrx ! Thanks for calling this out - I’ll share with our team.

FWIW, I’m looking at our CLI releases in GitHub and actually not seeing v0.23.2 of the CLI. Within the 0.23 series, I just see:

  • v0.23.3
  • v0.23.4

Not sure if that has anything to do with it :slightly_smiling_face: Will flag for our team either way. Glad to hear you were able to install the binary successfully one way or another.

UPDATE: Looks like our engineers were already on this one :tada: PR here that fixes this!