How do I know when there's a new version of the Astronomer CLI?

We’re constantly building more functionality into our CLI and will shoot you an email for major releases.

We’d recommend running astro version periodically to see what the latest is just in case.

If you do happen to be behind, you can run astro upgrade to install the latest.

I ran astro upgrade and got this message

Astro CLI Version: v0.7.5 (2018.12.14)
Astro CLI Latest: v0.9.6 (2019.07.23)
There is a more recent version of the Astronomer CLI available.
You can install the latest tagged release with the following command
$ curl -sL | sudo bash

Running the curl command gives a 404

Could you advise how to resolve this?

n.b. I’ve posted the output as a screenshot because the forum won’t let me post a message with more than two links

Hi @ollieglass! Hm. It looks like there might be a missing s on what should be curl -sSL, but I just tried both commands and didn’t see an issue on my machine. Let me ask some other folks on our end to see if we can re-create and file a bug if so.

If you’re on Astronomer Cloud right now, you’ll want to be on CLI v0.7.5-2 (otherwise you’ll get this incompatibility error). You’ll be able to upgrade CLI versions as soon as we upgrade our Cloud cluster (soon!).

In the meantime, run the following:

curl -sSL | sudo bash -s -- v0.7.5-2