Error: HTTP DO Failed...i/o timeout

I just installed astro version 0.16.1 on a Mac running Catalina with homebrew

When I run astro version in the terminal I get the error below:

Error: HTTP DO Failed: Post "https://houston.BASEDOMAIN:443/v1": dial tcp XX.XXX.XXX.XX:443: i/o timeout

Any help will be most appreciated.

Hi @ofaakye! It looks like we got this sorted out via our Support Portal, but for anyone else following the problem here is rooted in a bug in Astronomer v0.16.1 of the CLI.

In Astro CLI v0.16.1, users get an error on $ astro dev init and $ astro version if they’re not authenticated to Astronomer (though they shouldn’t need to be).

While our team works on a patch release, however, you do have to authenticate to Astronomer in order to run most (if not all) astro commands. To do so, run the following depending on what product of Astronomer you’re running:

Astronomer Cloud

$ astro auth login

Astronomer Enterprise

$ astro auth login BASEDOMAIN

Replace BASEDOMAIN with the basedomain of your cluster/platform (e.g.

From there, you’ll be prompted to follow our authentication flow either via Google/GitHub OAuth or local username/password and should be able to run any command of your choosing.

Authenticate to Astronomer CLI via OAuth

If you’re authenticating via OAuth, follow the steps below.

  1. On $ astro auth login..., leave ‘username’ blank and press Enter
  2. You will receive a link in your command line to a URL that will redirect you to the Astronomer UI to retrieve an authentication token (something like
  3. Navigate to the URL via your browser and copy the token (if you’re redirected to the Astronomer UI login screen, login with your account and then you will be redirected to the token)
  4. Now, paste that token in your command line against oAuth Token: and press Enter
  5. You will be successfully Authenticated

Hope this helps! Thanks again for raising this issue, @ofaakye. :slightly_smiling_face: