Error: failed post-install: timed out waiting for the condition


Why Error: failed post-installL timeout waiting for the condition when running ./bin/reset-local-dev:

➜ astronomer git:(master) KIND_EXPERIMENTAL_DOCKER_NETWORK=bridge ./bin/reset-local-dev

creating namespace ‘astronomer’
namespace/astronomer created

Created a new certificate valid for the following names :scroll:

The certificate is at “server.pem” and the key at “server.key” :white_check_mark:

It will expire on 11 May 2023 :spiral_calendar:

secret/private-ca created
Installing TLS cert and private key
secret/astronomer-tls created
Deploying Astronomer…
Error: failed post-install: timed out waiting for the condition

Mac Big Sur 11.2
CPU: 6
Docker-Desktop: 3.1.0(51484)

Hi there @scheung38! Could you give a bit more detail on where you’re hitting this error, and what the problem is? Are you looking to install the Astronomer Platform, or are you just working locally?

If you’re installing the Astronomer Platform on EKS, GKE, or AKS please reach out to Astronomer Support so we can make sure we’re helping your team appropriately :slightly_smiling_face:

@scheung38 Got it! If you’re looking to install our platform on-prem, I’d reach out to Astronomer Support directly to make sure you have what you need to get started + finish the install process. I’ll follow along in your support ticket and post back an update on this issue for anyone following!

thanks @paola it is up and running now via on-prem k8s, can see astro-UI, just not sure where to locate dags/ folder and any settings needed for DAG jobs to be picked up by the scheduler.

I assume this is inside one of the pods we add dags folder