Astro cli not installing

My Environment: macOS Catalina with the standard terminal.

Running through the CLI Quickstart and not able to get the very first command (curl -sSL | sudo bash) to execute.

When I test it with the astro command nothing happens in my terminal.

Steps I’ve tried:

  1. Saving the curl’d file to an .sh file locally and executing with sudo bash --> then executing the test astro command yields nothing.
  2. Downloaded and executed the file with sudo bash and got the following output:
astronomer/astro-cli: checking GitHub for latest tag
astronomer/astro-cli: found version: 0.12.0 for v0.12.0/darwin/amd64
astronomer/astro-cli: downloading
astronomer/astro-cli: downloading
astronomer/astro-cli: verifying checksums
astronomer/astro-cli: installed as ./bin/astro

But the astro command yields the following:

zsh: command not found: astro

so I executed with sudo astro and yield the following:

sudo: astro: command not found

Also I see nothing in my bin dir…

Would love any tips/help?

Hey @bambooJon! Can you try running ~bin/astro and which astro and let me know what you see?

My Coworker also isn’t able to get that first command from the CLI Quickstart to execute either curl -sSL | sudo bash.

which astro yields astro not found

Can you try running the install command with parenthesis around it? I think there may be something funky with how zsh handles the | character.


(curl -sSL | sudo bash)

No dice… :frowning:

One more- thanks for bearing with me!

Give this a shot:
curl -sSL | sudo bash -s < /dev/null

That gave me the following:

zsh: command not found: astro


Sorry to hear it! And did you ever give ~/bin/astro a shot?

I did. Nothing is created in the bin.

I think something is wrong in the script which pulls down the .sh script. Especially, because my coworker had the same issue on his non-linux machine.

Also, there seems to be something in the script not working for macOS… but it does for linux.

@pete, any update from you/your CLI team on this?

I eventually had success in Ubuntu 18.04 by circumventing the script altogether and instead just brute forced it with:

wget --no-check-certificate ""

followed by


After that, I was able to astro dev init and astro dev start successfully.

Not sure how helpful that is, but that’s what worked for me.

Hi there,

amazingly, the script seems to be broken on mac OS Catalina.
The bash function tag_to_version is broken, and instead of the correct tag, the GitHub URL to request the release from is appended with the internal GitHub id of the repo instead of the correct tag name.

Luckily you can circumvent this error by explicitly providing a tag version.

  1. Download
  2. Execute bash v0.23.1
  3. Create symlink ln -s ~/bin/astro /usr/local/bin/astro
  4. Enjoy astro !
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