Ubuntu 20.04 install astro cli failed

curl -sSL install.astronomer.io | sudo bash -s

astronomer/astro-cli info checking GitHub for latest tag
astronomer/astro-cli crit unable to find ‘’ - use ‘latest’ or see Releases · astronomer/astro-cli · GitHub for details

installation is ok for ubuntu 18.04
installation script creates tmp file in /tmp/ and used when curl downloads files.
for ubuntu 18.04 no problem.
for ubuntu 20.04 something changed. fs.protected_regular is 2 instead of 0.
on ubuntu 20.04, curl cannot save to /tmp though tmp file is created as root since the installation script runs under sudo, i.e. root creates it, but root cannot write to it in /tmp/

I tried to set fs.protected_regular to 0 so it is same as ubuntu 18.04, however, installation still did not work.

any idea how to make the installation script work for ubuntu 20.04?

Your /tmp/ could be full? What is the exact error you are seeing when you run the curl command?