Docker behave differently using astro dev start when mounts files

Following the following guide from your documentation → [Authenticate to cloud services with user credentials | Astronomer Documentation](Authenticate to cloud services with user credentials)

I noticed that files specified in docker-compose.override.yml are mounted with different users depending by the system it is launched in. On my linux machine astro dev start exit with an error and docker keeps restarting the containers due to a permission denied error. When I check “/usr/local/airflow/gcloud/application_default_credentials.json” inside of the containers I noticed the owner is a number, the same number of my current user id in LInux.
On MacOs Docker the same file is owned by “astro” as it is supposed to be.

How can I manage to mount on linux that file in the container with the “astro” user too without changing user permission manually every time? Obviously I can’t use astro dev bash ... because it is continuously restarting.

I found a very insolent workaround for this specific issue.
I did change the permission of application_default_credentials.json locally in order to make it work inside of the container. I noticed that astro uid inside of the container is always 50000 so I managed to change that in my local linux.
It might be dangerous due to the wide permission range (666) but I am the only user in this machine so I can do it “safely”. I would gladly change this if anyone of you has a better way to specify the user who is mounting those volumes using astro dev start…

In my local machine before starting astro dev start and after the command gcloud auth application-default login:

chmod 666 application_default_credentials.json