First command getting started with astronomer fails

I am having issues getting started with astronomer cli.

I have a git repo I am working with.

I did:

$astro dev init
$astro dev start

after $astro dev start, I get an error message

Env file “.env” found. Loading…

Error: Error checking docker-compose status: Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock: Get “http://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.20/containers/json?all=1&filters=%7B%22label%22%3A%5B%22com.docker.compose.service%3Dpostgres%22%2C%22com.docker.compose.project%3Dedpairflowbeab1c%22%5D%7D&limit=0”: dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: permission denied

I have docker installed. The user I am using to run astro commands has sudo privs, and I have tested/verified my docker installation built/run containers.


  • Astronomer CLI 0.25.0
  • AWS EC2
  • RHEL 8.3
  • Docker version 20.10.6, build 370c289