Having an issue with ports when starting up astrocloud

I’ve just started using astro.

My system: MacOS 11.2

Installed DockerDesktop.

brew Astro CLI
astrocloud dev init
no problem so far.

astrocloud dev start
didn’t work the first time, so I went and launched Docker.
Tried again: astrocloud dev start

Got an error:
Error: error building, (re)creating or starting project containers: Error response from daemon: Ports are not available: exposing port TCP → listen tcp bind: address already in use

How do I expose the ports? Thanks!

@Christopher-Y-Yu if you run docker ps, do you have another container running that is already using port 5432? This is the default port the postgres db will attempt to run on.

You can either stop that container with docker stop <container id> or you can also override the postgres port for your local instance using the .astrocloud/config.yaml, outlined here: Create an Astro project | Astronomer Documentation

For example, overriding the webserver & postgres ports:

  name: <your-directory-name>
  port: 8081
  port: 5435