How do I "un-install" Astronomer on my machine?

Installing Astronomer on your machine is really just the CLI. When you run astro airflow start, it creates containers, pulls images, and creates volumes etc that can eventually take up some space. A few cleanup methods:

  1. You can use $ docker system prune ​ to remove all unused objects.

  2. Run $ astro dev stop

    • If you’re working locally and want to stop all running containers and volumes while maintaining the underlying database, run astro airflow stop
    • The underlying database will persist in the docker volume
  3. Run $ astro dev kill

    • This is the same as astro airflow stop ​ but will stop local containers AND prune volumes for that project. It’s forcing a restart as fresh as you can get.
    • This includes clearing the database entirely (you won’t see prior DAG runs in the Airflow Web UI)
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Try this but still failed on error :frowning: :
astro airflow kill
INFO[0000] [0/3] [webserver]: Stopping
INFO[0000] [0/3] [scheduler]: Stopping
INFO[0000] [0/3] [postgres]: Stopping
INFO[0000] [0/3] [scheduler]: Stopped
INFO[0000] [0/3] [postgres]: Stopped
INFO[0000] [0/3] [webserver]: Stopped
INFO[0000] [0/3] [webserver]: Deleting
INFO[0000] [0/3] [postgres]: Deleting
INFO[0000] [0/3] [scheduler]: Deleting
INFO[0000] [0/3] [webserver]: Deleted
INFO[0000] [0/3] [postgres]: Deleted
INFO[0000] [0/3] [scheduler]: Deleted
Removing network “rpclickdags0d2d7b_airflow”
Error: Error stopping and removing containers: Error: No such network: rpclickdags0d2d7b_airflow

How Can I clean astro cache/un-install it ??

Hi there @libbyy! Two things:

  1. What version of the Astronomer CLI you’re using? Make sure you’re on latest (v0.23.3) in case you’re hitting any previous bugs. For install instructions, follow CLI Quickstart.

  2. Can you try running $ astro dev kill instead? We deprecated the $ astro airflow kill command a few minor versions ago.

Give that a shot and let us know if you’re still running into trouble.

Sorry, @paola, I haven’t quite understood the recipe. Do the above really remove Airflow and Astronomer content from the computer?

My own interest is *repairing" an Astronomer installation. I must have accidentally deleted files and folders, and now have a folder containing subfolders “dags”, “logs” and “plugins” and no files at the top level. (No Dockerfile, for example) Nonetheless, surprisingly, I still get running containers linked to that folder. (Incidentally, what do you call the group the containers are in? An “app”?)