I signed up via OAUTH -- can I switch my account to use a Username/Password?

By default, Astronomer Cloud supports sign up via OAUTH Google/Github or through a Username/Password.

At this time, we are unable to support multiple authentication methods into the same account. Whatever method you choose will be permanently associated with your account and your only method of access.

While changing the authentication method for Astronomer is not currently available, there are a few potential solutions or workarounds:

  1. Create a new account with a different email address (or even an alias might do the trick), choose username/password as auth method, add that user to your workspace, and log in as that user with those credentials moving forward

  2. If you’re using a CI/CD system at all, you can set up a way for commits to a branch to automatically get pushed out to your Airflow and not have to worry about authorizing into the CLI

  3. You could explore using a service token to authenticate in, since those last indefinitely to get around having to paste a new auth token each time