Live updates of Python code inside container

Hi! I have the following setup:

|-- dags/
|-- my-python-library
|-- Dockerfile

After I run astro airflow start, any changes I make to my-python-library are not reflected live, but rather requires me to restart everything for them to be updated. How can I make changes to the codebase update live?

Hi @miroli! Happy to help here.

So, once you’ve initialized a project via the Astronomer CLI, you’ll effectively have to run astro airflow start to start up a local instance of Airflow on your machine.

To make changes once you have Airflow up and running:

  1. If you’re making changes to any of the following, you have to run astro airflow stop and then astro airflow start to re-build your image:

    • Dockerfile (FROM statement, Env Vars if needed)
    • packages.txt (OS-level packages)
    • requirements.txt (Python Packages)
  2. If you make changes to your CODE (dags, include, plugins), you can:

    • Save changes locally
    • Refresh your browser (via localhost:8080)
    • See changes

Does that answer your question?

Thank you for the quick reply Paola.

This gives some clarification, but my case does not really fall into either of these categories. The code I want to be able to “update live” rather lives in a directory/package outside of the dags directory. This code is then imported by the dags.

But perhaps that directory structured is discouraged?

Hi @miroli. So, only the 3 directories listed above are “watched” by astro airflow start. You can check out the source code here:

What’s in your my-python-library folder? I’d recommend you throw any python packages in requirements.txt, create a sub-folder within your dags directory if you want, throw plugins into plugins and anything else you want to call from Airflow into include.

On Astronomer v0.9+, you’ll be able to overwrite files + specify their own volume mounts. If you’re on Astronomer Cloud at the moment (v0.7.5) you won’t be able to do so just yet - but soon!

Any update on how this can be achieved? I think the cli is on v0.10+ so this should be available. I couldnt find docs on how to do this.