Manage and deploy airflow data pipelines with a multiple users


Many users(developers) in an organization, on our network.
Is it good to let each user use airflow on his own machine to develop data pipeline ?
If yes, Can I let them commit their works to a git repositories and after deploy to production ?

Briefly, How to manage airflow with a multiple users ?


Yes, each user can run and develop pipelines locally and commit to a git repository once ready to deploy.
An overview of CI/CD with Astro can be found here: Deploy code to Astro with CI/CD | Astronomer Documentation

As well as pre-built templates depending on your repo provider of choice: Automate code deploys with CI/CD | Astronomer Documentation

With the templates, you can control how and which branches deploy to specific Astro deployments, in addition to the option of DAG-only deploys.

Thank you for your answer.
For example, three users on their own machine, work locally :
user_a : dag_1
user_b : dag_2
user_c : dag_3
When they finish to commit with Git; and after when I finished pull and verify all dags on my machine, how can I deploy them to a cluster (which is on a sub-network of the organisation) ?
I would not like to deploy to Astro cloud.

The Airflow slack might be able to help you more with deployment options beyond what we offer, as well as the Airflow Documentation