Single Namespace mode looks broken


I’m trying to run Astronomer in single namespace mode. But it is failing with:
Error: "xxx" is invalid: rules[32].nonResourceURLs: Invalid value: []string{"/metrics"}: namespaced rules cannot apply to non-resource URLs

Looks like the reason for lies in helm commander template for role:

It is defining nonResourceURLs for Role object and it is allowed only for ClusterRole. Can this be checked?

I’ve tried new deployment without this problematic rule and everything seems to work apart of Celery deployment. Deployment process for Celery type is not even starting (it’s gray in UI). Kubernetes and Local ones are working fine.

Hey @Marek! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into trouble with the Astronomer platform, though namespace mode is something our team typically does not support.

For this scenario, I’d recommend you stay in close touch with your primary point of contact at Astronomer - they’ll be best fit to point you in the right direction of our support, product, and engineering resources as you get up and running. You can expect an outreach from our team today on this :slightly_smiling_face: