Add comments to Airflow GUI

Hi All,
Is there a way to add comments on the Airflow GUI?
I’m using Airflow 2.0.0

Hey @tzachi_next ! A little late here, but you can actually add documentation to Airflow DAGs as a markdown file right in your DAG definition.

Here’s a good post from someone in the community with more guidance: Airflow DAG and Task Markdown Docs | by Aaron Berry | Level Up Coding

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Hey @paola,
Thx for your reply, it was really helpful.
Is there a way to add a comment to a specific task?

Hi @tzachi_next, you can add documentation/notes to your task objects as shown below (link to Airflow doc):

start = EmptyOperator(task_id="start")

start.doc_md = "This is a starting task."

The notes will be available under Task Instance Details in the Airflow UI.

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