Containers constantly restarting - Apple M2 Rancher Desktop

I am trying to get Airflow running on my Mac locally (Apple M2). I am using Rancher desktop. After I run astro dev start I see the below. However if I navigate to localhost:8080 I see connection refused and I noticed that both the web server and the scheduler are constantly restarting.

INFO[0109] [1/3] [postgres]: Started INFO[0109] [1/3] [scheduler]: Starting INFO[0110] [2/3] [scheduler]: Started INFO[0110] [2/3] [webserver]: Starting INFO[0110] [3/3] [webserver]: Started Airflow Webserver: http://localhost:8080 Postgres Database: localhost:5432/postgres The default credentials are admin:admin

If I look at the webserver logs, I just see this message -
[FATAL tini (1)] PR_SET_CHILD_SUBREAPER is unavailable on this platform. Are you using Linux >= 3.4?

I am using Rancher desktop version 1.10.0 and Astro runtime 6.0.2

Hey @archana.parab

What is the version of Astro CLI you are using ?


Hey @archana.parab,

I believe the issue should get resolved once you upgrade the Docker version to the latest or at least Docker Version 4.13.1

Please find the below link for reference.