Webserver UI does not appear

Hi everyone,

The webserverUI does not appear. Can you know what can be happened please ?

    root@toto:/home/toto/astro# astro dev ps
Name				State				Ports
astro0c16d8_postgres_1		Up 4 minutes>5432/tcp
astro0c16d8_scheduler_1		Restarting (1) 23 seconds ago	
astro0c16d8_webserver_1		Up 1 second>8080/tcp

I have encountered the same error. Can anyone provide a solution?

I see the airflow web server is running on localhost:8080 but on browser, nothing shows up

Thanks in advance

I have this same issue on macOS. If I look at Docker Dashboard, I can see the web server and scheduler processes keep restarting every 10 seconds or so.

did anyone ever figure this out? i am having the same issue. thank you!

2021 m1 mac/macOS

Hey @conk (and others on this thread) – I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this locally. If you’re seeing the scheduler or webserver restarting consistently, it could be for a few different reasons.

Can you try pulling out logs for those components? For scheduler logs, run: astro dev logs --scheduler and see what comes up.

Depending on the error, we’re happy to add it to our Test and Troubleshoot locally doc.

If you’re on an Apple M1 machine, it’s worth noting that Astro Runtime doesn’t yet support ARM64 images. This means that, in general, running astro dev start will hang for a few minutes. We’ll be fixing this very soon.