Webserver UI does not appear

Hi everyone,

The webserverUI does not appear. Can you know what can be happened please ?

    root@toto:/home/toto/astro# astro dev ps
Name				State				Ports
astro0c16d8_postgres_1		Up 4 minutes>5432/tcp
astro0c16d8_scheduler_1		Restarting (1) 23 seconds ago	
astro0c16d8_webserver_1		Up 1 second>8080/tcp

I have encountered the same error. Can anyone provide a solution?

I see the airflow web server is running on localhost:8080 but on browser, nothing shows up

Thanks in advance

I have this same issue on macOS. If I look at Docker Dashboard, I can see the web server and scheduler processes keep restarting every 10 seconds or so.