How to use `astro` in a restricted network?

Hi! Came across this product today and wanted to give it a shot. However- having some trouble.

  1. We are within a corporate firewall- I need to pass buildarg HTTP_PROXY type variables when building images here.
  2. Further, we cannot access dockerhub directly- we have to use our pull-through cache.

I was able to get the onbuild image through our cache, but couldn’t find any way to pass the buildargs to the process. I would also need to change the image name for postgres, and couldn’t see any settings for doing that. Any thoughts?

Hi Paul,

Can we move our base images into a registry on your corporate network? In the Dockerfile, we can just specify the full path of the new image including the new registry.

Do you think that would be able to do the trick?

As far as the image name for postgres - can you delve in on that a bit? Just the image name would need to be different?