Max image size for deployment


I was trying to deploy my custom image and I’d like to ask some questions:

  1. as suggested my dockerfile contained FROM custom-ap-airflow and contains FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:1.10.10-buster-onbuild and some other stuff (building libpostal)

Making a deploy makes a throw an error - so I changed FROM custom-ap-airflow to FROM custom-ap-airflow:latest

Then I force yes answer on both

WARNING! You are using an invalid image name 'custom-ap-airflow' in your Dockerfile, 
please use astronomerinc/ap-airflow. Are you sure you want to continue?
(y/n) y


WARNING! You are about to push an image using the 'latest' tag. This is not recommended.
Please use one of the following tags: 1.10.7-alpine3.10-onbuild, 1.10.6-alpine3.10-onbuild, 1.10.5-alpine3.10-onbuild.
Are you sure you want to continue? (y/n) y

Is this the right way to proceed?

  1. Image is pushed and I run into 413 Request Entity Too Large
    So my second question is: what is the max size for your docker repository?

Hey @Captain_Pete (great name by the way :slight_smile:) - presumably you’re following the instructions that @paola laid out here, correct?

The CLI is throwing those warnings because it doesn’t like when folks pull the latest image tag- being on the bleeding edge exposes some inherent risk :slight_smile:. What error are you seeing when you just use custom-ap-airflow?

Let’s start there and I’ll work on tracking down any size limitations we have set on our registry.

Hi Pete :slight_smile:

what I’m trying to achieve is to get libpostal working in my DAG.
My is:

FROM pelias/libpostal_baseimage as libpostal-build
FROM astronomerinc/ap-airflow:1.10.10-buster-onbuild
LABEL io.astronomer.docker=true
LABEL io.astronomer.docker.airflow.onbuild=true
COPY --from=libpostal-build /usr/local/lib/ /usr/lib/
COPY --from=libpostal-build /usr/local/lib/ /usr/lib/
COPY --from=libpostal-build /usr/local/include/libpostal /usr/include/libpostal
COPY --from=libpostal-build /usr/share/libpostal /usr/share/libpostal
RUN pip install -q --user --no-cache-dir postal
RUN install --directory --owner "astro" "/usr/local/airflow" \
&& install --directory --owner="astro" "/usr/local/airflow/neo_database/neo_csv" \
&& install --directory --owner="astro" "/usr/local/airflow/neo_database/db"

I am aware that libpostal is huge (requires 2GB of data), but I was checking your limits.

Mentioned error is panic: runtime error: index out of range [1] with length 1 as mentioned line tries to split on : and get second element as tag - this is why
I changed FROM custom-ap-airflow to FROM custom-ap-airflow:latest (but ofc I can rename to any tag - if your warning only reacts to tag=='latest', no problem here :slight_smile: