Longer lasting authentication tokens?

Every day or two I have to refresh the auth token to deploy to Astronomer.

It’s a small annoyance but I’d really like if I could set the token to last for, say, a month.

Is this possible?

Hi @ollieglass - thanks for your feedback here. So, our auth tokens for Cloud (both CLI and Astro UI) were intentionally set to last 24hours, in large part from influence from how our Auth provider (Auth0) is configured. With that said, we have gotten similar feedback in the past and your post triggered an internal conversation about how we might lessen the pain for you whilst maintaining a fair level of security.

A few questions to help us scope out a platform change/feature:

  • How often do you authenticate via the CLI versus via the Astronomer UI?
  • Would you like for auth rules to be loosened on both CLI and Astro UI auth, or one or the other?
  • How often would you expect to need to re-authenticate?
  • Is the duration of your auth token something you’d like to be able to configure?

At this point, we’ve created an internal issue to evaluate a potential change and will take any additional insight from you/any other customers into consideration. Will keep you posted!

Thanks again @ollieglass.

Note: Duration of Auth Tokens is configurable for Astronomer Enterprise customers (source code here).