Astronomer cli on windows

Has anyone seen the error below. I placed the astro.exe in a location and added it to my path.
When running astro dev init, am getting below error. Any thoughts?
$ astro dev init
time=“2021-12-23T12:53:41-05:00” level=error msg=“validating engine configs: static directory must be an absolute path - instead got “\\var\\lib\\containers\\storage\\libpod””

@anubis I am seeing the same issue. When I added the astro.exe to the path itself, I receive an " ‘astro’ was not recognized " error but when I removed that and did the location itself, I received the same error. Did you end up having any luck?

sorry no -still searching. I really dont want to go the linux route to get around this.

Hey @jmitch123 Use the previous version - it worked for me. There must be a bug in the latest release. Merry xmas.

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@anubis - Going back a version worked like a charm! Thanks for your help here.

Woooo- Thank you - rolling back the version worked for me!!